There comes a point when a dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream!
Linsey, better known as Inpulsa, decided to pursue her long-cherished dream: breaking through as a Hardstyle artist.

After visiting dance festivals as a music lover for years, Inpulsa wanted to experience how it would feel like to be on stage and play her music for a live crowd herself. While building her fanbase with an endless passion and dedication, Inpulsa has been playing several successful hardstyle sets at major clubs and festivals in Holland. Ever since, her fans have been asking for original Inpulsa music. Inpulsa’s very first single ‘Beautiful Lie’ has been released by the label FVCK GENRES.

Now she has full support from Copyright Free / Dirty Workz.
With already new music lined up Inpulsa is here to take over as one of the most talented female Hardstyle artists in the scene!

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Posted on

3 augustus 2023